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15 March 2010 @ 11:47 pm
Rules Post  

Please follow all rules and submission guidelines.  You may post questions in the comments section if any of this is unclear.


1.      Submissions should be single spaced, with a space between paragraphs. Links to fan fiction references should be included in the document in the form of endnotes. The top of the document should have the title, centered and not underlined or italicized. The authors name (real or a pseudonym) should also be at the top. Please do not insert page numbers or headers. 


2.      Submissions should be at least 1000 words long (at single space, Times New Roman 12 point font, that’s about two pages). There is no upper limit to the submission guidelines for words, though if the paper is very long you may wish to divide the paper into subtopics or separate submissions.


3.      Submissions should be clean and publishable-a beta or editor is recommended. If you have a beta, you may name them at the end of the paper in an author’s note. The format, therefore, should be as following-

a.       The Title of the Paper, by author

b.      Body of the paper

c.       Authors note—what made you write about this topic, who your beta or editor was, basically anything you want to add outside the purview of your paper.

d.      Endnotes/references

e.       Note that any art used as a reference or to illustrate a point must be mailed in a separate document with links to the original—artist permission preferred. 


4.      Submissions should be original and unpublished. By submitting your piece, you agree that you have not copied anyone else’s work, what quotes and other material exists is properly referenced, and you agree to allow your work published on a website linked to the LiveJournal community fanfic_litcrit. Be aware that the website is not affiliated with LiveJournal. By submitting, you also allow your paper to be published on this site for at least the period of six months without publishing it in any other magazine, journal, book.  You may post it online after 30 days so long as you include a link to the original post. After this period, you may distribute or publish your article anywhere else you like. 


5.      Have fun with the topic you choose. This is just for you, so don’t be afraid to get down and dirty with your topic. However, if your topic includes sexually explicit photos or art, be aware it will be posted with an “Adult Content” disclaimer. Your topic should be a literary review or criticism, and can focus on any fandom or issue you want. Although the name says fan fiction, you can also review or comment on art. You can present a explanatory or persuasive essay, or even a personal narrative that delves into literary criticisms. 


6.      Submissions may be rejected for the following reasons—

a.       Unpublishability regarding spelling/grammar/etc.

b.      Off topic material, such as sending a fan fiction instead of a literary review or critical analysis.

c.       Not including references or a byline.

d.      Not submitting original work, or not referencing quoted material. Web links should include the author and title of the web page or fan fiction, and material from books should be cited in MLA, APA, or Chicago Manual of Style format. You may use whichever you prefer so long as it is consistent.


7.      Submit as an email attachment to fanficcrit@gmail.com.